Porcelain Fixed Bridge

porcelain fixed bridge


A porcelain fixed bridge is a cosmetic and practical way of replacing missing teeth, it could be used to replace one to multiple teeth.

A porcelain bridge in contrast to a partial denture does not move, is more hygienic and it makes it easier to taste food and chew it for a better digestion.

The advantages of a porcelain fixed bridge

  • Replace missing teeth
  • It gives a more natural facial look and contour
  • It helps prevent the drifting and shifting of adjacent teeth as well as opposite teeth

A fixed bridge process is very similar to getting a porcelain crown done, only it has more units of teeth. Preparing a fixed bridge could take between 2 to 4 visits, depending on the patient's comfort.

At the first visit the teeth are prepared and a temporary acrylic bridge is cemented.

At the second visit an impression or mold of your teeth is taken, this would serve as a pattern to make the permanent teeth. At the same time an additional blue impression is taken which Is used to compare for occlusion, or the way the patient’s bite is. The impression can also be taken at the first visit, finally a shade is taken to match the rest of the teeth.

On the last visit the permanent porcelain bridge is cemented and adjusted.

The number of visits it takes to finish a porcelain fixed bridge depends on the condition of the surrounding teeth and the teeth that are going to retain this bridge.